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    I will have just missed the 1000 mile club once again this year 06 was 935 07 will be about 950 This year I will break the jinx! I usually post in the Low Heart Rate thread as I am basebuilding. Good Luck everyone, Greg

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      I know reaching a goal like 1000 miles is a great motivator, but one of the things that I think is MORE important is -LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you do, you can prevent some injuries, and, even more important - runners burn-out! The goal is to keep running - beyond 2008 and it's 1000 miles. The only way to get there is to run cautiously and safely! I don't mean to preach too much - but I am only 30 miles from 1000 for this year, even with many "blanks" in my training log. But there were weeks without running due to running related pains, non-running back problems, being sick here and there, and life getting in the way. It's simple....................listen to to your body.
      Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado

        I'm getting ridiculously excited at the thought of starting a year with a 1000 mile goal Smile We've got a 10 kms ' Race' scheduled for 7.30 am on New Year's Day and since we ( there are only 3 of us in our ' imaginary' running club) are on GMT, I hope to post early! * We're slow and need that time-zone advantage....*

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          1000 miles is a lofty goal for me; what happens if I don't make it? Does some evil bunny pick me off? Cry
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            I plan to run on new years day just to get some numbers on the board
            I hope to get out of bed early on the 1st... so I'll be on page one for at least one day. Big grin

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              Hello All... Jumped the CR/Active ship - this site's log is superior to the previous as well. Great idea for goal setting - I did 750 this year so I am up for the challenge. Happy Running...
                I missed it too in 07 by 41 miles, and that was with alot of down time due to shin splints. Heres to staying injury free in 08. Well as I write this I am sidelined with a lower back issue. (To much golf) I am also a CR refugee and feel welcome here and love the groups. Brian


                  Hi all, I've been lurking around here for a few weeks now. New to RA...I was using the CR log for a few months before coming here...didn't really use any other's before that. I started running again in late Sept 2007 after a lengthy layoff from a nasty moutain bike crash. It was unfortunate and I don't know if I'll ever want to get back on a bike again after that...my groin area will thank me for it too. Anyway, thanks for having me. Here's to new goals, new sports, and hitting 1000 miles in 2008! Oh, and here's to running...which is a million times less expensive than cycling!

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                    I'm another who came over from CR. I gave Active a chance, but just didn't like it. I think the groups over here are pretty cool and this one seemed like a great goal for me. I was just over 600 last year, but built my mileage quite a bit higher by the end of the year. Looking forward to getting to know you guys and hopefully all reaching our goal.
                      Thought about the 1500 mile club but then remembered that I can't run a whole year without injuries. Started out 2008 on the DL with nagging PF in my left foot so I'm here. Done plenty of months over 90 miles but no year any where near 1000. Here's to running strong and injury free in '08. Good luck all!