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Boy did I need a run today! (Read 227 times)

    Did a long run on Sunday. Long for me.....8 miles. Then life got in the way and did not get a run in until today. On Tuesday had an absoulute totoal meltdown. Was ready to quit school and tell them to shove the rest of the courses up their well......you know where this is going....Anyway I made really bad nutrition choices yesterday and paid for it today on my run. But hey I got my run in and I feel better. I realize now that putting off my run because of life is not good at this point and that I need to run to make it through the next 4 months. Even if I can only do 3 miles I need to run. I am a better saner person when I run. Corrina

    One day at a time

      I can relate, Corrina! I've noticed that I get grumpy if I don't run for a couple of days. DH has pointed it out, too. Blush But then today, I REALLY didn't feel like running, because it meant I had to go to the Y and get on the treadmill (we had 8 inches of snow, 2 1/2 inches of rain, and 1/2 inch of ice yesterday!). I went, anyway, and from the second I started, it felt wonderful - one of the best runs I've ever had. I ran 5.1 miles before I had to stop for the triathlon class who needed ALL the treadmills. I just have to remember this run in the future, if I'm procrastinating on my run.

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        I just have to remember this run in the future, if I'm procrastinating on my run.
        Corrina, Theresa: I did the same kind of thing today. Had my usual Thursday long run sheduled but DID NOT want to go - crazy life lately, sick kids,copped out running partners, and the sheets felt SO good - but you know this run ended up being amazing; I went a mile further than planned! Easy breeze, good music, no yuchy people or loose dogs... it was blessed to be out there, pushing my limits with unforeseeable ease. Gotta record this one so I can play it back when times get tough!
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          I had an awesome run today, after a carpy run on Wednesday and a day off yesterday to rest my dead legs. Ever notice how the next run after a carpy run is ALWAYS a great run? I'm not sure why, but on those inevitable carpy runs, I get through them by thinking how great the next one's gonna be. Smile

          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.