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One day at a time

    I didn't expect to have to finish 1000 miles on the treadmill, but it was pouring outiside so I headed to the Y. Whoo hoo, I never thought I would run that much in one year! I think I will aim for 1,250 miles next year. It won't be a problem unless I get injured. Good luck to those of you who are almost across the finish line!

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        Way to go Teresa!!!! You had a great year, coming back from injury and everything. I'll have to see if I can keep up with you next year. Wink
          Congrats! great effort....Ill see you next year! karl
            Huge congratulations Teresa! Especially with your injury. I know you'll easily do 1250 next year!

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              Well done Teresa, shame it had to finish on the treadmill after some of the exotic places you have run this year! see you next year in 2000k? Nev

              One day at a time

                Thanks, guys! I'm glad I finished when I did, because we just suffered through a huge ice storm and were without power for more than 36 hours. I couldn't run yesterday or today! Yes, Nev, I'll see you on the 2000k board! Smile