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Starting to slow down (Read 448 times)


    Well, I am really really hoping I built up enough of a cushion to make it to 1000 miles this year...i have around 270 to go in the next 5.5 months, but also have a baby to bring into this world in October.  Here's hoping that i can keep running through this pregnancy as long as it feels good,  and that I can get back to it after a spectacular delivery without too much trouble!


     Wish me luck!

      Good luck!  I saw you kicking the 1000km bunny into oblivion, so hope you get to 1000 miles before the new arrival.  Enjoy your running and your pregnancy. xx

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        Good luck! Amazing work you're doing, running while pregnant. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you all around!

          Thanks!  I think it has definitely made the pregnancy much better to stay active.  I'd recommend it to any pre-pregnancy runner!  Although my pace has slowed so much it's starting to drag...around 2.5 minutes/mile...that is a lot slower, but i'm still out there! 
            Great job!......have faith you'll make it.  Slow and steady and careful...I'm impressed....

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              Way to go!  You won't catch me running while pregnant! Smile

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                Feel free to count your miles double.  Smile