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Ack! My life hs been so busy this last 2 weeks! (Read 376 times)


    Last Monday was my coldest run--19 degrees with a wind chill at about 8. Two layers plus my light jacket and balaclava did the trick. It was a really comfortable run. I actually spent 10 minutes warming up inside, so that may have made a difference. I really like the cold weather running, except for the laundry. I find trying to convince myself that my tights don't smell toooo bad.

    Beatin' on the Rock

      Wow, I feel for you guys. I had to wear long sleeves yesterday... Big grin Sorry. Evil grin He made me do it. But, come July, 90* + 99% humidity - I'll be crying the TM blues, and you Norhtern folks can rub it in!
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