1000 Mile Club


That pace bunny needs to be taught a lesson (Read 19 times)


    I've just started back from an injury in January and now hope to make the 1000 for 2013.


    The pace bunny is in the distance and I need to do more than 3.3 miles per day to catch up and passSmile


    I have never been consistent enough to last a full year of running before, maybe 3 months is my best before I usually get injuredRoll eyes


    Anyway my plan this year is top keep my heart rate under 75% for all runs as my way of injury prevention.  I've started this week with a very easy 20 miles then each week I'm going add about 10% per week, this should be alright because the intensity is low and will not be increased.


    So all intervals, tempo's, speed work and long runs with excessive average heart rates around and exceeding 85% of the past.