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Who plans to shift their long run to New Year's Day? (Read 205 times)

    I normally do my long run on a Sunday, but I'm going to shift it to Monday and start my 1,000 mile journey with a bang. Some people say that wahat you do on New Year's day sets the tone for the rest of the year so doing a 10-mile run on Jan 1st could only be a good thing!


    Princess Cancer Pants

      I am SO tempted to do a 6 mile race that day. All depends upon how my left knee/calf area is doing. I'd really like to get my running year off to a great start--'07 will be the first year that I hope to be a 100% runner! Smile k

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        I think a race/long run would be a great idea for New Year's Day! I wish there was a race in my area, maybe I'll just do the long run. Good luck if you race!
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