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    This is my first full year of running, so you can say I'm a newby here. I'll come in with around 700 miles this year, my personal record . Just wondering, this will be a 45% step up for me, for me a lofty goal, what about you? Is this a new goal for you or have you done this distance before? Is it going to be tough or do you think you have it in the bag?
      i'm not going to manage 1000 this year. I'll finish at around 860 I'd imagine. But I've gone from running 50ish miles a month in april and may to around 130 a month in november and december. So hopefully I'm in a good position to get to 1000 next year - maybe even 1500.

        It seems I will end around 888 miles - a nice figure, but obviously less than 1000. I would have made 1000 if not for some periods where flu or work kept me from running. Still, I'm happy with the things I did achieve - especially with running my first marathon. Will I set 1000 miles as a goal for 2008? I don't know yet. But maybe I will run them anyway Smile Congrats to all of you who did pass the 1000 mile mark this year! bas

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          2008 will be my first "full" year of running... I think I can hit 1000 if I don't get myself injured. started running in August and will end 07 at about 350 miles... I had to take it easy in December due to runner's knee.
            2008 will be my first "full" year of running... I think I can hit 1000 if I don't get myself injured.
            Same here... good luck to all the 1k newbies. Big grin
              I started running towards middle of 07.. I'm hoping that the 1000 mile goal will help me be more consistent for 2008.

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                I am entering my third year of running. This year I did (assuming I can do 3.2 miles tomorrow) 1000 Km. That is just 50 more miles than the year before. I think I am ready to challenge myself to 1000 miles. I considered it for this year, but thought it was best to just get on the road consistently. There was only one week all year that I missed running at all. Other than that one week, I was on the road pretty regularly. The last several weeks of this year I have been on pace for a 1000 mile year. Now I just have to keep it up. I appreciate everyone's help here to keep me headed the right direction.
                  I started seriously (read "consistantly") running in Jan of 2007 so this will be year 2. I did great up until Nov 2007 when I had problems with my ITB and had to take some time off. After a nice long rest I'm ready to go again. If I can stay injury free I've got a shot at 1000 but it's a looooonnngggg shot. It's great to have a goal though! Ready to run Rachel

                    I barely made it to 1,000 miles this year, but I did it! It felt great. I'll try again for 2008. It's not easy, but it is so worth the effort.

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                      It's a big goal for me, but I'm going to go for it, taking it easy the whole way! We old braods need to go gently lest we throw out a hip or something.
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                        1K n00b also. In fact, I never thought of doing something like this, until I read about it here. Husband and I are training for Carlsbad, and realized we needed to set another goal for post 1/20. Why not 1000 miles? 20 per week is manageable, and if we continue with our regular training group throughout the year, we should be good to go.

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                          Nice to hear from everyone. Good luck to all in 2008.

                            This afternoon I finished 2007 at 1442 kms / 896 miles. No thousand miles for me, but it was a good year for me! So I'm quite happy with what I did. Congratulations, Pace Bunny! bas

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                              I'm new to the group and RA, but looking for a challenge. I have been trying to get 20 miles a week for the last 2 months. Some weeks are better than others.Seeing and hearing others get out there and "Just Do It" motivates me. I look forward to the hazy when I get behind the Bunny. (which I already am) That Bunny should see my behind after this weekend.

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