1000 Mile Club


Hitting the actual 1000 was painful! (Read 316 times)

    Well, I did it! But it was right around mile 18 of the marathon and I had to EARN it. I didn't expect 1000 by early Nov. so maybe I'll hit 2000km (when I can walk again). Good luck to all those about to pass 1000!
    2010 Goals: Danbury Half Marathon: <1:42:00; boston="" run="" to="" remember:=""></1:42:00;><1:42:00; nyc="" marathon:=""></1:42:00;><3:45:00; finish: run amuck and warrior dash! finish:="" run="" amuck="" and="" warrior=""></3:45:00; finish: run amuck and warrior dash!>
      Congratulations!! What a way to meet the goal!