1000 Mile Club


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    I love being on page 1!



      awesome job! Keep working hard because its not easy staying there...sadly enough...it seems always to be competition.



        Page one is the best!!!! You only have to load the page once and then you just have to pick off the folks ahead of you! Great job ayola!
        Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)

          Now I really want to go outside for a quick 40! Sigh. My time will come. My mileage is picking up as my marathon training gets into gear. I spent a few days at the top spot on page 2 before tweaking my ankle and falling waaay back. When I finally get there, it'll be sweet. Nice going, Ayola. Way to show that bunny who's boss. Wink


            Awesome job, Ayola. I'm hoping to join you there by the time I have my marathon in October. Just pushed past the bunny myself after being 60 back after an injury in April. Now ahead 16 but who's counting Wink

            I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.



              I'm hoping to be out of this group pretty soon.. maybe by the end of September. I already joined the 1500 group, which isn't realistic, but thought I'd put myself in the loop to see where I was. good job ayola!
                thanks guys, only 256 miles to go!