1000 Mile Club


1,000 miles (on the GPS)! (Read 193 times)

    This morning my Garmin "turned over" to 1,000 miles. I got it a year ago last Christmas and run with it more often than not. I wondered, of all the Garmins sold, I wonder what percentage get at least a thousand miles put on them. I want a new one. Sometimes it just shuts off. Too much sweat?

      Congrats... 1000 miles on the GPS... That's an accomplishment in itself... I'd like to think that a good percent of the Garmins get at least 1000 miles on them. But, who knows. I have almost 800 miles on my Garmin 201. I use it mainly for my runs in the summer, as the winter here is too cold and icy, so I log many miles on a treadmill. Another 2-3 months and I should join you with over 1000 miles on my 201. I would like the new 405, but it's going to have to wait another year. Hopefully my old 201 will stand up until then. Lu