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    This is a great idea and I'm already behind that &#^@ bunny but not for long. I'm a CR refugee and wish I would have found this place earlier. Been running for a while and have several marathons under my belt and thats where I did my damage last year. Bad experience at Nashville on mile 17 (for those who have run that one its the hill that seems to last forever). Long story short, I HTFU and finished gimping it all the way. I just got better last month and started back into training. Slowly this time as I have finally come to the conclusion that I am no longer 21 and it takes time to heal and train. Anyway, the idea of 1000 miles seemed a great one and its good to have some kindred souls helping along the way. I'm preparing for the Indy Mini and a fall marathon so I will keep that pesky bunny away starting next month. Cheers from the frozen Hoosier heartland.

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      Welcome. Glad you found us. I think you'll find plenty of support here from those who do Big grin and those who don't Angry like the bunny. Wink
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        Just thought I would drop in and say hello! I ran /walked over 1000 miles last year ( in about 8 months) I want to keep it up this year and possibly go a little further, I need this to keep me motivated..looking forward to seeing everyones results Wink

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