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Once again life conspires against me. (Read 198 times)

    Well after being sideline with the flu then trying to early to return to running I gave it a whle befor coming back. I started back and low and behold now I am having foot problems. Usually it's my right foot that bothers me and it is metataralgia. I have orthotics and I am thinking I need to go back and see my foot guy. My left foot is now bothering me and I am not sure why. Bottom of foot right under the toes(ball of foot) but also on top of my foot just behind where the second and third toe meet. Yep sound like metatarsalgia again. Maybe I should get my feet back to the foot guy. Oh well rest and ice and try runing again on Monday. Life is getting in my way. I am really behind the bunny and feeling a little down. Corrina