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Sick. Bummer. (Read 222 times)

    I came down with a nasty GI bug and haven't run since Friday. I'm only ahead of the bunny by a mile as I write and by the time I get up in the morning he'll be ahead of me! Angry My fever's down today but I gotta decide whether to play it safe and rest another day or lace up and show that fuzzball who's boss tomorrow morning. The funny thing is, I wouldn't even be thinking about running tomorrow if I weren't in this group. Great motivation.


    Beatin' on the Rock

      Don't you let that bunny coerce you into running before you're well! Think of how nice it will be to beat the bunny when you actually feel good! Big grin
      Be yourself. Those that matter, don't mind. Those that mind, don't matter.
        Thanks Thunder. I ended up taking one more day off and making this mornings run a little shorter and slower than usual. Felt sluggish but not terrible. Tomorrow should be fine. It's great to be healthy again!