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    I ran in and won a 10K Race today, hence the thread title and posting in this forum Smile . I'll be the first to admit that it was a rather uncompetitive field (~60 people total and my winning time was only 36:54), but it was my first overall win in about 2 years so I'll take it regardless of the time. I knew about 1/4 mile into the race I was going to win if I didn't get hurt so it basically turned into a hard tempo effort for me vs. a real 'race' effort. I was shooting for 36:30 or better, but even though I wanted to run faster I was very plased with the effort for a couple reason 1. I ran fairly even splits on a hilly course (6:03, 6:00, 6:04, 5:51, 6:06, 5:50, :57) with no one to pace off of 2. I came close to my goal time for the race on a hilly course with no competition (the next runner was about a minute behind me) 3. I felt I could've held the pace I was running for at least a couple more miles if I had needed to, which is a good sign for my next race (the KY Derby Festival 1/2 Marathon at the end of April, which is also on a hilly course)

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        Nice race! A win is a win as long as it isn't a little kids fun run. Wink


          Hey...I don't mind passing thte 5 year olds! Nice race...you should be proud!
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            Nice race! A win is a win as long as it isn't a little kids fun run. Wink
            Winning a little kids fun run could be the highlight of the week/month/year....if you're a kid Smile In the race I ran there were a few high school kids, but other than that just regular running folks

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              Way to go John. Great pacing too, btw. To run so strong during the 2nd half of the race had to leave a good taste in your mouth. This adds some real status to our thread!
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                Envious congratulations! Simon.

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