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Roundman Classic XIV (Read 551 times)

Marquess of Utopia

    This running group that I run with every day during lunch is full of traditions. (I started running with them in December) This week is the Roundman Classic:
    Serious Coin Running Club® presented by the Real Men's Locker Room™ Roundman Classic XIV Stage I Monday, March 3 Like taxes and dying, you can count on Roundman. You may not be ready, but then again, your competition may not be ready either. This is about carving your notch in the SCRC food chain. Eat or be eaten. It’s time to find out. Anyone can run well after a summer of training – who can bring it in March? In the snow? Freezing rain? The weather looks like it will finally cooperate after a couple years of disappointing condition No changes to rules, divisions or routes. Coin, Coin, Pain and Pain. 11:40 depart, SE Corner of 801 Grand. Course records and division sign up will be posted outside the RMLR. Event Specifics: · 11:40 depart - self-timed · Tripping, pushing and biting remain illegal - verbal abuse (including taunting) encouraged · Traffic surges for competitive advantage while not illegal is not encouraged · IF you feel strongly about tracking your time or think you may have set a course record, send it to Kintzle 2008 Event Highlights: · Clydesdale is anything over 183.5. · Recognized 6:30am(?) start options daily. · No confusing race entry forms. · Fabulous prizes for every division (Regular, Elite, Clydesdale and She-Roundman)
    The race consists of 4 hilly races over 4 days. Day one Coin Loop (7.3 miles) Day two Coin Loop reversed (7.3 miles). Day three Pain Loop (7 miles). Day four Pain Loop reversed (7 miles).

    Marquess of Utopia

      Day one I finished "Coin" in 26:20, I started out a bit too fast, and my 2lb 4oz ice running shoes were a bit much. Day two I finished "Coin" in 25:40, it felt a lot easier, I thought I was running slower today than yesterday. Wore my light wieght trainers. So I ran a 6:15 pace today, I wish there was a way to convert times from a hilly course to a flat course.

      I've got a fever...

        So I ran a 6:15 pace today, I wish there was a way to convert times from a hilly course to a flat course.
        There sort of is. Check out this running calculator. It does a whole lot of stuff. One of the options says:
        Calculate equivalent finish times at other course elevation profiles, from this race with of _____total uphills and of _____total downhills
        So if you had a Garmin on during the race and know the total uphill/downhill on the course, you can figure out your time on courses with different uphill/downhill amounts (including a perfectly flat 0/0 course (also known as a track!) Rough approximation of course. A race with one huge hill and a race with rolling hills could have the same up/down, but very different effects on the body. Still, better than nothing.

        On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

        Marquess of Utopia

          Thanks Jeff, that's a nice tool My legs were completly trashed today, I decieded to take it easy. I would say my run was an "easy" run but not a recovery run. With a name like Pain, it still hurts even when you run slow. The worst hill gains 40 meters elevation in a distance of 260 meters. (Gradient of 1:6.5, 15% grade) 49:00 minutes today for a 7 mile run.

          Marquess of Utopia

            I survived the final day of the race, I am really sick of running down hills. Both of my IT bands are really tight. The first half of the race we kept it slow with the occasional surge. The rumors of the “Gentleman’s” agreement to keep it slow today was throw out window as a two guys surged ahead and out of sight, followed by another pair of runners a few minutes later. At the bottom of the last hill with a mile and a half left in the race I decided to kick it up a notch. Finished 6th overall! Finished in 47:15, almost two minutes faster than yesterday. I'm just glad I'm not hurt, I can't decide if I want to run a 4 mile recovery run tomorrow (8mm pace) or take the day off. 14 mile long run scheduled for Saturday. 24 days until my first 10k race of the year!