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First race of the year (Read 384 times)

Marquess of Utopia

    I ran a 5K Saturday to see what kind of shape I'm in and to set some goals for the 10K. I ran a respectable race, but I'm sure I could have had a better race. I lead what I thought was the first mile of the race, but they didn't have mile markers (If I have to guess I ran the first mile of the race in 5:30 or a little less), we then ran through a kilometer of snow covered roads, (they did have a marker at the 2km and 3km only). Then the last mile all I could think about was my guts and how sick I had been the day before. (Friday morning I woke up about 4am with stomach cramps that kept me up for the remainder of the night. I threw up, felt worse, called in sick, then visited the Doctor and got some pills to manage the symptoms which made me sleep almost all day and night. I woke up Saturday morning running to the bathroom about every half hour, but the whole digestive system was "tolerable" and I could keep food down. So 20 minutes before the start my final visit to the john made me feel well enough to race.) So the last mile of the race I felt well enough but I couldn't stay focused and just didn't seem to have the "juice" I needed. The winner came in at 16:53, and I came in at a distant 5th in 18:03. My wife and I enjoyed the rest of our weekend out of town.
    ...But I keep thinking about that goal pace I want to aim for my next 10K should I go for 5:50, 6:00, Is 5:45 - 5:50 too fast?
      Nice race, Joe. Even if you had gone into it feeling great it was still a big improvement from the 5-miler you ran a couple months ago. You appear to be well on your way to achieving the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Easier said than done, but I would advise using great restraint in the early going of your next 10k. It will cost you nothing to go out a little on the slow side…say 6:02-6:05, but couldl cost you a lot if you go out even a little too fast. It’s much easier to pick it up in the 2nd half of the race if you have something left than it is too keep going once you start to struggle.
      Age 60 plus best times: 5k 19:00, 10k 38:35, 10m 1:05:30, HM 1:24:09, 30k 2:04:33

      Marquess of Utopia

        Thanks for the advice. Smile