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    At the moment i am training for my October half marathon, in which I hope to run 1:45 or very close to that. However, I am thinking ahead already to April, when a 10k will be my focus for the spring racing season. Target time is 44:00, going to take a big effort! This year I tried to keep the base of fitness I built up last fall, averaging 100 miles per month in September-December, but had a tough time in the first 3 months of the year because of bad weather, colds etc., and of course I can expect the same thing again. So, assuming I keep up a decent base of 125 miles a month or so in November and December, how much will I need to do in the winter months to lose as little fitness as possible? Will 3 runs a week be enough? I cannot afford a treadmill or gym membership, but really want to improve on my PB at 10k, and this is a VERY fast downhill course, and also an event I really enjoy. Secondly, how long before the 10k should I start doing tempo or interval training for speed? (This is something I don't worry too much about for the half...) Thanks for your suggestions! Simon.

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      I'm also looking to set a PR next spring in a 10k. But I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet. Last January and February I was building mileage, but I had very few tempo runs. I would maintain your base then increase your intensity as it starts to warm up. If you worried about the cold weather, I’ve learned to adapt to the weather. If you need tips on how to dress for icy, cold, windy days let me know.

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        I say in the winter get out and run any day you can. Dont PLAN on 3 days a week or there will be a big mofo ice storm on day 3. If you can keep your footing - go run. Some weeks it may be 6 days some weeks it may be 1. Just run. Maybe even out your runs if long runs in the winter dont appeal - get out run for an hour or so.

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