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10K race report (June 6, 2009, short) (Read 482 times)

    Didn't take this race as serious as I could. My previous 10K PR was 54:22 achieved on Mar 29, 2009. Based on my last 5K time of 23:59 on May 3, 2009, that 54:22 time seemed quite slow. That's why I had the urge to run a 10K to obtain a more up-to-date PR. 

    So I had not done much 10K specific training, didn't sleep very well the two nights before, and I forgot to recharge my Garmin 305. My Garmin 305 had been my indispensable race aide, helping me to run on the right intensity with the heart rate and pace feedback. After today's race I still had some fuel left in my tank, since I didn't have that GPS-heart-rate watch to help me squeeze out every drop of performance juice. 

    The race route was about 2 miles road, 2 miles crushed granite trail, 2 miles dirt-mulch trail and 0.2 mile on a track, go figure... Small race of 237 runners, I placed 48. 

    Anyway my main focus is still 5K for now, and will continue to improve my mileage. Will do similar 10K-update-race when a 10K race comes around. There are just much fewer local 10K races in a year.
      Good job, and thanks for the interesting report.

        Looks like I forgot to list the time of the 10K race last year: 51:22.65.


        Sadly I then stopped running for a while, now I am back to square one.  My last 10K this year was 57:53 something like that on April 11, haven't made much progress since then.


        Now I am back to going at my goal of a sub 50 10K this year.