10K Training Group, 8K's are welcome too


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Marquess of Utopia

    So I ran a 10k last Sunday, it's three days later and I'm still a bit sore. I have an 8K race Saturday, and I wonder if I should do intervals tomorrow? 3 x 1200? or 4x800? or 6x400? (6 - 6:15 pace) I'm leaning towards 3x1200 just to loosen up the legs.
      I think you should run slow. Doing the workout might make sense had you run slowly Mon and yesterday. However, you did a fartlek yesterday and ran faster than necessary on Monday. You could probably get away with it since you are young and improving, but I don't think it's necessary or would serve much purpose. Fwiw, I ran the last 2 days at more than 2 min pm slower than what I raced 10k at on Sunday. Today I did 5 x 1600 at about 15 sec pm slower than 10k. Good luck on Saturday.
      Age 60 plus best times: 5k 19:00, 10k 38:35, 10m 1:05:30, HM 1:24:09, 30k 2:04:33