10K Training Group, 8K's are welcome too


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    Hi all I just finished a hilly 8k where I sucked big time and came in at 59:00. Blush (due to nerves and going out too fast) I have a 10k in 4 weeks - what do I do to prepare? It is a flat, slight downhill race that I have been told runs fast. My PR in a 5k is 34:00 last year and I have been running consistently all winter. I would really like to run it in 1:00:00 or less. Am I dreaming? Thanks!

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      I would shoot for 35 minutes for your 5K split then see if you can pick it up for there. As far as training I would recommend a 9 mile long run within the next week or two try to run it at a 13-14 minute miles pace. I'm wondering if you are running too fast on all of your easy/normal workouts.
        Hi Ruth! I saw some discussion before, possibly on another site, where you mentioned the Sporting Life 10k. It is indeed a downhill course, and extremely fast, maybe 3-4 minutes for a 60 minute runner, 2-3 minutes for a 50 minute runner and so on. the only few yards "uphill" are coming out of a dip in Yonge St. used to create clearance for a bridge. Big race, 9,000 runners/walkers, bands, fun. My only suggestion would be take a couple of days with no running before the race so your energy level is "topped up", and try to avoid the "teams", groups in matching t shirts who run at the pace of the slowest member of the group, and sometimes straggle across the road. Last year there was a guy with a bullhorn yelling out the minutes and seconds at 5(?)k which is helpful, remember he is giving gun time, you may take 4 minutes or so to get to the mat from your starting position. I would say "see you there" but with that many people its unlikely! Simon.

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