10K Training Group, 8K's are welcome too


Any Goals for 2011? (Read 236 times)

Marquess of Utopia

    Post you goals for this year!


    Good luck!

      I hope to go under 37:47 (best shot will probably be on Memorial Day).   Last year I wanted to get a 10K result under 38:00 on a certified course.  I ran 3 of them and got 38:20, 37:47 and then a 38:10, first and only sub-38.


      How about you, Mr. Riggs?  With that 2:31 recent marathon you should be primed for a very fast 10K .. anything on the horizon?  I'd look forward to hearing a race report on a 10K you'd run, as well as hear some 10K-specific training updates as you do the training. 

      Marquess of Utopia

        I would like to find a solid 10K for this year: There is one 6 weeks from now, but it is a really hilly course; another local one that I could set a good time is a week after a goal 20K race.

        I do have a 8K reace next weekend at the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago, another 8K on the 7/4 and a hilly 7 mile race at the end of July (Bix 7).

        I got in a few good workouts for next weekend's race:

        • 5 x mile @ goal pace. 
        • Another workout was a 5K at goal pace then 2 minutes recovery followed by 3x1k at goal pace.
        • Then last Saturday I ran 11 miles easy followed up with 5 miles at 1/2 marathon pace. With 4 more miles cool down.

        I would like to extend those workouts into something like this:

        • 5 x 2k @ goal pace. 
        • 10 x 1K @ goal pace with less recovery.
        • 5K at goal pace then 2-3 minutes recovery followed by 2 mile and then 1 mile at goal pace.
        • Long run with 5 mile times two at 1/2 marathon pace.
        • 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, 2 miles, 1 mile at 1/2 marathon pace.
        • 3x5k intervals at 1/2 marathon pace.

          Is 'goal pace' your 8K race pace?  Those look like pretty difficult (for me, even at my paces) workouts, especially the 5X2K and 10X1K that you're looking to move to later.  They'll make you very strong. 


          I notice you're not doing any faster, shorter workouts focusing more on leg speed - I know the vast majority of us make immense progress on becoming aerobically fit.   Is that what you're keying on with this type of training?  I tend to do this type of training myself but always wonder whether I should shift over and work on my weakness which is definitely 'speed'.   I ran my 37:47 about 6 weeks after last year's Boston marathon.  I went right from all that strength work (lots of 6X1mile workouts) right into about 3 or 4 weeks of 200/600/200 workouts which I think sharpened me up for that big PR.   These aren't suggestions (I wouldn't presume to know how to train at your level) just wondering aloud.

          Marquess of Utopia

            Yeah goal pace is 8K pace. I don't get much benefit out of efforts much faster than 5k pace. I get enough anaerobic support from these efforts and hill repeats.


            If I was focusing on 10K as my main event I may throw in 200's 400's 600's etc. in early season to get leg speed, but late season/last several weeks before the key race I would focus on efforts at race pace (8k/10k) with decreasing rest time.


            That's what works for me, but one this I've learned is that you need to find what works for you; because not everyone is the same.