10K Training Group, 8K's are welcome too

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Marquess of Utopia

    I just ran my first ever 10k this morning The Hospital Hill 10k in KC! I didn't have much of a time goal.. really I just wanted to finish it strong.  I thought I did a great job until I came in here and saw your times! HOLY COW!  I have a LOT of work to do! lol I finished in 1:07:08

    I am proud of myself being as that I started running in March.

    This running stuff is fun!


    Congrats! Keep it up. Was that a hilly course?


    If you have questions about training, just ask,

      It was hilly indeed! It felt like it was all uphill except for two spots, which were obvious downhills, but it was a hard run. We practiced running the course two Saturdays in a row and felt prepared. It wasn't terrible at all (Like I thought it would be) I had a great time running it. I finished strong. All in all it was great! I am off to ask questions! thanks!