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    I have been tapering for my first full marathon next weekend. I'm having trouble making myself actually do it, but luckily life and work have been making me cut back, at least mileage-wise. This weekend I'm going to Asheville, NC and staying with a cabin with some friends. It's been years since I've been there but I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of awesome trails calling my name. Without a marathon next weekend, I'd be planning a 3 or 4 hour trail run for sure. But since I do have the marathon.....well, if I were at home this weekend, I would do my scheduled 8 mi on Saturday and 3 mi on Sunday. What do you think? Is it too late for me to recover from a 2-3 hour run by the marathon? I've been training for this for months, and I don't want to screw it up. Also, anyone who has suggestions for trails in Asheville, I'd love to hear them.


      If you go easy, a two or three hour trail run should be fine. Smile (by go easy, I mean slow!)


      Running is stupid

        Maybe you can do 2-3 hour walk instead? Adding a little run in the mix will be fine.
          I appreciate your advice! I got lost looking for the trail I wanted to run today and ended up on a strenuous hike at Mt. Mitchell, which is supposed to be the highest point east of the Mississippi. After all the getting lost, I only ended up doing about 4 miles. It was so steep I had to walk an awful lot, especially on the way down. It was 60 degrees when I left the cabin, but up there it was low forties. I was underdresssed and very underprepared for the many ice patches on the trail (totally busted once). I don't think I've ever been on a run where I found the uphill to be significantly easier! So anyway, I only ended up doing about 4 miles of run/walk, but I feel good and I'm glad I got out. It was also fun passing the hikers and hearing them say, "dude, she's making us look bad" Big grin Yesterday, when I was running around the cabin, I ran into a mama bear and her baby! So, all in all, it's shaped up to be an interesting weekend for running, even if it's not quite what I had planned.
            Sound like a lot of fun, for us runners, what can be more fun than a lot of *abuses* from mother nature? Bears? Bring them on! Big grin Seriously though, how close did you get to the bears? Apparently they didn't chase you done.
              I probably got about 100 yards away. I was almost back to the cabin and turning the corner to go down a hill, and I saw the little one shuffling around on the side of the road. I hung out there for a bit watching...I wanted to make sure my eyes weren't mistaking me and it really was a bear. He either didn't see me or didn't much care. Since he wasn't going anywhere, I decided to turn around and go back down the road the way I came to see if a lady I saw who was just arriving was still outside. (Maybe she would drive me back?) She wasn't there, but I thought, "surely the bear isn't still there." So I tried again, and when I turned the same corner I thought, "man, that bear's a lot bigger than I remembered." Then I saw baby bear a few yards away from her. So, no, not gonna happen. Mama bear was a little more concerned about my presence. She at least turned my way and acknowledged my presence. I finally decided to turn around and go further up the mountain and just get back to the cabin through the backyard. Which took almost an hour. When I got back to the cabin, a bunch of the girls had arrived and they said, "We saw a bear! We were so worried about you!" Not enough to go out looking for me though Smile I just wish I'd brought my camera. Don't get a photo op like that all the time.
                It sounds like you've had a great trip! My wife and I made a trip to Asheville in 1993, although I was running only maybe once a year then. Sounds like you were smart to avoid approaching the bears. I've heard that a mama bear with a cub is unpredictable and dangerous, and I've personally seen bears running very fast. They're smoothly beautiful when they're moving like that, not what I had expected. Good luck in the marathon!

                Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.


                  Wow, You were lucky with those bears... What an experience though... I am sometimes a little too nervous to run on trails like that by myself, although I do run trails occasionally. Thankfully I haven't come across any bears though... How did the marathon go? Lu