1367 miles, or a marathon per week


Continuing into 2010? Where are the new posts? (Read 253 times)


    Hi Folks!!


    I'm new to the forums, and  I was wondering if this group was going to continue into 2010, since this strikes me as a -perfect- goal for 2010 for me.


      It'll be a bit of a stretch goal for me, but I'm in!
        Giving it a serious go this year, on track and gaining every week. Also seeking about 1000 mile biking this year as well.

          I've been away injured for a bit...  But I'm back now and rearing to go...


          I'm a little late, but welcome to the group Chris..



            Just holding my own here, trying to stay on ahead of YTD pace. Sick last week, but feeling better now.


            Hey, at least I'm pretty sure I can stay ahead of Jessica!

            Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.