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Faversham race report (Read 206 times)

    As some of you will have guessed I am from England and live in the South Eastern area in the county of Kent. Yesterday I ran in the Faversham 6 hour ultramarathon. This race required me to run around Faversham Recreation ground (1044 metres) as many times as possible. A RA member who was watching described it such:



    "I should just let everyone know what makes the race SO tough ............ if you ignore the fact you have to run for 6 hours. Mainly it's the topology of the course, you actually run on a tarmac surface around the outside edge of Faversham Recreation Ground, the 'walks' are tree lined so in sunny weather you are quite well shaded from the sun. 1 circuit is around 1km and if you can imagine it like a giant rectangle. from the bottom corner the path rises steadily all along the long side then turns for a short side but this is much more of an incline, total rise can't be more than 20m but over a distance of 500m, at the top corner you turn again for a long side again but this is now on a down incline, and again the turn to the last short side and along is also down to the bottom corner (lowest point) where we started.""



    I finally completed it by doing 37.2 miles or the official measurement of 36.99 miles + 179.1 metres!!!!!


    Anyway here is my Race Report be sure to look at my little web gallery in the report to get an idea


    Me at 37 miles just before the end



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