1500 Miles So Go Run


Double dipping on the pace bunny... (Read 259 times)

    Hey, gang! Please take a minute to check and make sure you're not still signed up for the 1000 mile group. If you're shooting for 1500 miles, then you belong over here, not there! You can leave a group by going to User Groups --> Options --> Leave group. The feeling is that those of us who are shooting for 1500 miles will be hogging the leader boards for the 1000 mile group, thus taking away one motivator for them. Let's give the people who are truly shooting for 1000 miles a chance to be on the leader boards over there. Wink On a similar note: don't you think that if you're likely to break 2000 miles this year you should be in a 2000 mile group? I think we've got enough road warriors to support that...http://www.runningahead.com/groups/2000 and it'll give those of us who are likely to top out around 1500 a shot at our own leader board...

    Roads were made for journeys...

      I totally agree. Maybe I'll be back later this year or next year since right now I'm really not aiming for 1500.

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