1500 Miles So Go Run


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Go Pre!

    I am past the 1500 mark (yet I am still on the list, weird) 2 months to spare, well over last year's 1400 i did. And my marathon PB came down 20 minutes this year with very little speedwork. Lotsa easy miles Smile Next year - BQ!

    A Saucy Wench

      I think it takes a certain % above to get dropped . Eric lets you revel in your glory fora week or so. Congrats!

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      Think Whirled Peas

        Well done, Daddyo!!! You've been working hard this year, and you've got the PR's to prove it. Still the zen master of photoshop too.

        Just because running is simple does not mean it is easy.

        Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

          Congratulations!!! I don't think I'm going to make it this year. Actually 1250 was my goal (1,000 last year) so I'll be over that at least. I'm not giving up yet though - it'll be right down to the last day most likely. Big grin


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            WTG Daddyo!
            Jennifer mm#1231