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Tapering and GOING CRAZY (Read 218 times)

    Well, I know its a good taper when I'm feeling lazy and fat. I'm only running 3 days this week because I have a 1/2 Marathon this weekend and want a good time but it's going to be a looong week. Tongue Hopefully a good finish, maybe a PR, will make up for the early in the week frustration. Now if I can only stop eating..... Confused Well its Wednesday and I managed to BLOW my taper. I just couldn't slack off. I guess you can call it an obsession. I couldn't cut back my mileage. I guess in my mind it was run or eat and I picked running. I'm going to try to take Thursday and Friday off before the Saturday National 1/2 Marathon. Can anyone say 2 day taper??? Tongue

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        Good luck with your race!! Hope everything goes well and you walk away smiling.
          Good luck with your race. I´m also running an half marathon this weekend, tapering also driving me crazy Confused. The temptation Evil grin was too much this morning.
            Ohhh I hate that tapering feeling ... climbing the walls and feeling fat and lazy simultaneously. Good luck!! (I gained a good six pounds the week I was tapering ... lots and lots and lots of bread Blush )
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