1500 Miles of Hoppy Spring


Google walking directions (Read 232 times)

    . . . says I can get from my house to Key West in 1485 miles.


    Which would still leave me with needing to run 15 miles the year I retire from working, assuming that this group is still around then.

    just a simple cat

      Look both ways before you cross the street though!!



        Always. Usually I look both ways twice, to get in a total of four looks.
          Don't worry I have found the safest place to run...my garden (backyard). If I run from the back door to the back wall I only have to do it 30,000 times in one year or 82.2 times a day....it would the 0.2 times I would be worried about though as I would have to remain in the garden overnight

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          just a simple cat

            Oh dear....and midsummer night is when the pixies come out.........