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    I exceeded by goal of 150 miles by 13. 163 for the month. 446.7 miles for the year. Big grin I also set a PR in the National 1/2 Marathon with an adjusted 1:42:45 after it was determined that the course was marked incorrectly. Still realitively injury free and signed up to run the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on Sunday, April 1. Hopefully this will get the month off to a good start. Tongue
      119 this month, up from 90 last month. Getting back there! Cool

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        Doing and feeling pretty good! Got in 188.2 in for the month. My half marathon is this month so I'm hoping things keep going wel.l (*knock on wood* cause I'm like that) OH can I tell you how jealous I am of you Clay! I'd LOVE to be running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. Good luck and have fun!

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          184 for me...yay! 200 for April ??
            Clay, do you live in D.C.? I grew up in Silver Spring and currently live in Baltimore. March: 148.2 Mi
            2009: BQ?
              trishierunner, I live in Virginia by Quantico. I love the DC area. It's a great place to run. Anytime I need some motivation I travel to DC and run through the monuments, by the river or up Rock Creek. It's just beautiful. I did the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in 1:15:32, which is a new PR for me. Big grin Sign for the Army tem miler is open tomorrow, it will close very quickly. I recommend this race, so if you want to run a great race through DC and around the Arlington Cemetery, get on-line tomorrow and get signed up. Shocked
                I did pretty good this month. In fact, I think it's my highest mileage month, ever. I didn't really have a number/goal in mind until last week when I saw I *could* hit 400 for the year by the end of the month. I had a slump last fall so it felt good to work hard again. I think I got 188 or so for the month. Smile I have a half marathon this month and I think I might do a good taper/rest the week before just so I can feel strong on what should be a tough-for-me course, then in May I taper for the marathon, so I don't see me hitting high numbers again for a while.
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                  Pam, surfnrun, lifesabeach, I'm so jealous. Mileage in the 180s sounds so out of reach right now! Shocked Someday! March: 112.5 Mi 23:41:28 My highest mileage month since May 06! School is going to really slow down for me the last couple weeks of April, so I'm hoping to get 120+ without much trouble.

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                    Somehow I ended up with a scary mileage: 166.6!
                      Looking more realistically at my work and school schedule, I'm dropping down to the 1000 mile club. I'm leaving Rockenmamof5 in charge, so y'all better behave! Happy miles, all! Big grin

                      Roads were made for journeys...

                        Clay, congrats on the PR and the awesome time! I was thinking of doing Army 10 (again), but I'm scheduled to do 19 miles that day (running Richmond full in November), it's pricey, and, well, it's a pain to get to D.C. from Baltimore Tongue . I would love to regularly run in DC!
                        2009: BQ?
                          162.8. My descent (sounds better than 'fall') out of the top ten in total miles has begun as I have entered my two-week Boston taper stage. Rockenmamof5 will pass me today, jlynnbob either today or tomorrow, and slowandsteady in the next day or two. SurfNRun won't be far behind. With 5 more marathons this year after Boston, my monthly mileage will generally reflect tapering or reverse-tapering and, like last year, will rarely exceed 150 miles in any one month. So, as you move on down the road, wave as you go by... Cry
                          My Masters (>50) Race PR's: 5K - 20:17 10K - 42:36 HM - 1:31:22 Marathon - 3:20:48
                            So, as you move on down the road, wave as you go by...
                            Oh boo hoo, tapering for BOSTON Tongue !
                            2009: BQ?


                              YAY for tapering...
                                Had a good month. My best month so far in my life- 148.9 miles. Also knocked 8 mins off my half marathon PB. Which is now 1:40:01 (chip time) Smile Congrats to slowandsteady for also getting a half marathon PR