1500 Miles So Go Run


Way to go Purdey (Read 309 times)

    Purdey smashes the 1500 mile boundary with a lovely 20 mile run making it the first second runner of the year in this forum and there is still 6 months to go  


    Well done Purdey, I have a feeling that you are going to smash the 3000 mile mark this year

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      Actually there was another, whitkoxccoach.  Although he already hit 2000 miles awhile ago too.


      Great job Purdey!


        Most excellent. Will you hit 3k this year?


        Now off the leaderboard so some of us slackers can climb that ladder.

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          Way to go! Good luck with your goals this year.
          Find the fun.

            Thanks guys - I hope to get to 3k this year.  It is a goal, but not a primary goal.


            I'm glad to be off the leaderboard - I am only in the group because I like some of the people and want to keep track of how they are doing - the YTD mileage I keep track of in the Swamp and felt a bit of a fraud being included here. 


            Good luck to all of you shooting for 1500 - I'll be watching you!


              WTG Purdey!
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                Yay, Tom!

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                  Hey, that's a Purdey good job! WTG!