1500 Miles So Go Run


November Goals...end of season (Read 907 times)

     So the doctor says it isn't severe enough to do surgery on, so a compression sleeve, physical therapy and perhaps an injection and I am on my way.  Smile

     Wow what fantastic medical care you get, us Brits would be told to "Rub some mud in it, have a cup of tea and get going, you'll be fine"

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      Well, I have had to "rub mud on it and keep going" since last May, that is how long it took to get to this advice.  Cool 


      Running is stupid

        I really hope it gets better with this treatment, it sounds like they have it sussed.

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          Okay, unclear on some of them, but here's a few


          • Have fun running!!!
          • 225 miles
          • PR in either the 5K (19:37) or 7 mile (59:24) - depends what race I do this weekend, I'm signed up for both.  7 mile PR should be easy - I set that seven years ago and I've run marathons at a faster pace than that now.
          • Do "Insanity" workout six days a week
          • Eat better


          How did I do this month (I know there's still 2 days left but not much in terms of goal accomplishment is going to change between now and Wednesday)


          • Completed
          • Not even close - Thanksgiving week killed me.  I'll be lucky to hit 180 miles this month right now.
          • No PR.  It was a tough course but I was off by almost a minute in the 5K
          • Other than Thanksgiving week, we did Insanity 6 days a week - should be starting again tonight.
          • Thanksgiving kills another goal, as I expect Christmas will do next month.  Oh well.

          In other news, I was actually able to get a speed workout in every week this month, which I had been trying to do earlier this year but took off my list because I failed every time.  On to December, let's see if I can't finish out the year strong.

            ...but no reason not to run.


            1. 1 x 31 mile cross country self-navigation event (training!)
            2. Keep to ~55 miles a week
            3. Keep the hill training happening for the BIG one in December
            1.  This one was 35 miles in the end, bruised and battered from it but still brilliant fun
            2. ~55 miles was more ~50 miles but more than happy as the hill training was the key
            3. Can safely say that this one was done as I reckon in 3 long runs I climbed 8,500 feet

            Resting up now until Saturday for my 40 mile mountain ultra.....to say I am excited is an understatement

            A runners blog-updated daily

              • No mileage goals, I'm good - just stay consistent
              • Sub 2 Half Marathon (gulp - attempting this Saturday)
              • Survive Mini Quadzilla (4 half marathons in 4 days)


              • Mileage was good
              • 2:01:34 - not quite
              • SURVIVED 4 half marathons in 4 days (didn't race them, just ran easy and fun!)
                • Mileage was good
                • 2:01:34 - not quite
                • SURVIVED 4 half marathons in 4 days (didn't race them, just ran easy and fun!)


                QUADZILLA awesomeness.  Congrats Knifey!  The sub-2 is going to happen very soon too.

                 "Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.  Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.  Just walk beside me and be my friend."

                  Some lofty goals here this month!


                  1) 200 mile month for first time ever

                  2) 60 mile week for first time ever

                  3) drop from 221 to 214 lbs in time for Vegas marathon

                  4) Hit 1500 miles for the year (easy one)

                  5) Don't get injured!!!!!


                  1) Going to hit 200 (first time ever) tomorrow with a 6.5 mile run Smile

                  2) Didn't have a 60 mile week (Monday - Sunday).  Max was 57.5.  But there was a 60+ 7 day period so I am counting that!

                  3) Weighed in at 214 this morning.  AWESOME!

                  4) Hit 1500 early in the month

                  5) Still injury free and so pumped for the marathon in 5 days!

                  2016 Goals

                  2000 miles

                  Get ready for my 2nd Boston Marathon

                  No race goals, just stay healthy and work on flexibility and strength. 


                  Just a dude.

                    My goals:


                    250 miles

                    190 pounds

                    Page 2 of the YTD Distance list... 




                    286 miles for the month. Check

                    196 pounds. Not check.  Rough month of weight loss... But that's ok... I'll get 190 in December... Smile

                    #51, so page 2 was a check.



                    Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 


                      One more mile than October and survive The Monkey.


                      Actually a couple more than one and I manage to still be among the living after Monkey

                      "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                      "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel