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112th BOSTON MARATHON APRIL 21 2008 (Read 116 times)

    Dear fellow 1500 milers! Here is a small note from a page 3/4 runner. I am trailing the bunny but could not care less because I have been to BOSTON!!!!!!!!! Here is my little report and hopefully there are others in this group that have their own reports to post!! Thank you all for getting me there!!!!! All the sweat, pain, early mornings, cold winters, hot humid summers, desperate qualifying attempts, blisters, injuries, weight up, weight down, logs, predictions, calculators, fat, carbs, proteins..... It is all history now. Today I feel total relaxation!!! I have done it. Boston Marathon, runners shrine! It was great. My race was slow but steady and I did not walk anywhere except for a few drinking stations. Was 30 minutes slower than my Q race in Columbus only two months ago. But who cares. This time I could run a marathon without a clock or paceband, only to enjoy and have fun!!!!! The crowds, the runners, the WEATHER was just mindbogling fantastic. I had oranges, bananas, icecubes, frezees, cockies, jelly beans and jelly babies along the course. Every spectator had something to give away, my face is sorer than my legs,, from smiling! I have a blister in my hand from High Fives a quadrillion times! I cannot imagine another race that can top this, and yes, I have done NYM. To you runningaheaders...fighting, struggling, it is all worth it!!!!!! Cheers Arne
    Goals 2008 1: BQ/PB <3:30:59 done feb 17th bq 3:27 2: half ironman done aug 10 3: 2 or more m. done feb 17th and boston april 22. 4: sprint tri done july 5 goals 2009 1: the norseman done="" feb="" 17th="" bq="" 3:27="" 2:="" half="" ironman="" done="" aug="" 10="" 3:="" 2="" or="" more="" m.="" done="" feb="" 17th="" and="" boston="" april="" 22.="" 4:="" sprint="" tri="" done="" july="" 5="" goals="" 2009="" 1:="" the=""></3:30:59 done feb 17th bq 3:27 2: half ironman done aug 10 3: 2 or more m. done feb 17th and boston april 22. 4: sprint tri done july 5 goals 2009 1: the norseman>
      Nice report Arne, thanks for sharing. Paul

      Princess Cancer Pants

        Wow! I think the only way I could run Boston is as a charity runner...it's tempting, to say the least. Nice job, Arne! Big grin

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        She was not strong. She was valiant. Radiant. Brave and broken. The beauty she discovered in the aftermath was unparalleled to anything she had known before, because it had come at such a cost.

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        Go Pre!

          Arne, my friend and neighbor, I think this is one of the the best race reports ever. Other reports may have been more informative, descriptive, witty etc and so on. But your report made me smile and I'm proud of you and I want to follow in your footsteps! Thank you Smile

          Think Whirled Peas

            Awesome Arne! And it's comments like this that make me dream big...Boston is a LONG way away for me. Many more miles, in fact, than any map would suggest. Inspiring stuff, and thanks for sharing!

            Just because running is simple does not mean it is easy.

              Way to go, Arne. Was thinking of you on Monday wondering how you were making out. Glad it went so well for you and lived up to your expectations. Good to hear. Congratulations. Well deserved.
                Congratulations! I love the fact that your face hurts the most (from smiling so much). That really adds to describing how you felt that day, which is awesome! Yes