1500 Miles So Go Run

December Goals (Read 725 times)

    Thanks...I survived 3 terrible miles!  Honestly, they weren't as bad as I thought...but I certainly couldn't do any more.   A friend told me yesterday that running would help shorten the life of my cold (a non-running friend at that!)...so, fingers crossed.  So, if any co-workers saw me out or read this...it was a cure I was seeking, I wasn't just playing hooky.   Honestly, I stayed home today mostly because I am still sneezing and coughing a lot...and it bugs me when people come to work like this and spread it around (how do you think I got the damn thing?)...not because I was feeling lousy (though, I do feel really lousy).

    Fortune and glory kid

      1. 150 miles.................but nothing less than 118.5 which will give me the goal of 1500 for the year.

      2. Get out of tis running funk that I am currently in. I have not ran in 4 days!


      1. Fail

      2. Fail


       8 days ago I was well ahead of the pace. 7 days off from running and I am 35 miles short. 4 days left, I gotta put in a serious kick now. The good news is that my Marathon training for the Boston Marathon (Iraq) started yesterday. Nothing like starting your first week with big numbers.


        Indy - 35 miles?  You can do that in one day. Wink

        Live the Adventure. Enjoy the Journey. Be Kind. Have Faith!


          Ah yes. Tis the season for giving. So how many miles are you giving the road and trails.


          I am shooting for 250. That will put me North of 2600 for the year and a new peak.


          Oh and I'm running my first ultra too (only a 50k though)


          and you?

           269 and one ultra completed - a good Dec.

          "He conquers who endures" - Persius
          "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel



             - Get better at running in cold and crappy weather

             - Stop tripping on stuff while running at night

             - Run every day

             - Try not to drink so much on New Years Eve that I race poorly on New Years Day


            Check on all parts.


            I was focused on running well today so just one beer and one wine for me last night. The PR was worth it. Now, I'm getting a little streak going. I'm afraid to stop and everyone around me thinks I'm nuts, not that they didn't already.

              1. 220-230 miles.  That will get me over 1900 miles (and over 3000km) for the year.

              2. Lose weight.  Yes I know its December.  But still.

              3. Get my 5k time back under 21mins.  Preferably under 20.30.  But 21 would be a start.



              1.  Yes.  In fact, hell yes.  270 miles.

              2.  A little bit.  Not bad for December.  More work needed though.

              3.  20.51 - so part way there.


              All in all I'll take it Smile