1500 Miles So Go Run


October Goals...Bring 'em on!!!! (Read 725 times)

    Goal completed!  3:24 marathon.


    Bring on November!


    Finished my marathon in 3:24.  New PR.  No injuries!!!  Smile


    Training for the next one (RnR Las Vegas Dec 2011)

    2016 Goals

    2000 miles

    Get ready for my 2nd Boston Marathon

    No race goals, just stay healthy and work on flexibility and strength. 


    an amazing likeness

      1. Marathon PR

      2. Half marathon PR

      3. Ease off to 150 - 160 miles

      4. Heal the heel


      1. No. Nope. Not even close. Dammit to heck!

      2. Yep!

      3. Easy to do, done.

      4. Not happening, starting to worry a bit like that little dog on tv with his bone. 

      I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

        I strangely didn't have any goals in October having started off with an ankle twist that took me out for 8 daysbut whacked through a few ~50 mile weeks. Organised a Night Run with 9 people involving 10 miles of cross country comprising 5miles to the pub, drink beer, run back drink more beer Clown

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          I guess I'll start it out since I'm the one that needs the kick in the pants!!!!


          200 miles, 1 tempo or progressive long run a week, and my old friend hills


          Other than the hills (I broke something in my butt/back back in August and still haven't recovered) - success.  I haven't logged all my runs yet, but I think total mileage will be around 196 or so...close enough.  A little surprised since I took a lot of days off (for me) and cut a lot of runs short due to just kind of being over it.  I want to rest but I need to stay consistent until the end of November so I can survive my ridiculous mini Quadzilla stunt.


          MTA: logged all runs...191 - good enough for me.

          Just a dude.

            Simple for me:


            200 miles

            200 pounds




            275 miles

            200 pounds this morning...


            The 200 pounds I came into like a wrestler desperate to make weight... so I'm probably actually 201 or 202... but that's ok... I'll just keep at it next month and be ok...



            Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape...