1500 Miles So Go Run


MIssing 1500 milers (Read 163 times)


    There are several who hit 1500 miles within the past couple of weeks and are missing from the list.

    PRs in my 5th decade: 5K - 19:56 10K - 43:45 10 M - 1:14:12 Half Mary - 1:39:27 Full Mary - 3:34:12 (BQ)


      Anyone who is listed in Reports when I run it and has over 1500 miles is shown in the list.


      MTA: If your log is private, it looks like your number of miles is not listed in the group report when I run it. If you should be on the list and aren't, simply tell me via the message board or private message. I will add you.  It isn't an automatic add, and I don't always catch it before it is automatically removed.

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