1500 Miles So Go Run


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    I went out for an early morning run today, as I started off we found we had drizzling rain although quite warm at 6:45 am in southern England. As we stepped down through some woodland, across the wealds of Kent we could see a mother and baby Roe deer sniffing the morning air and watching us from about 100 yards away, a warren of rabbits scampered off to the higher grass and the sun was poping its head above the hills and through the clouds causing a fine steam/mist to rise around us.


    Later we ran along a sheltered riverside trail for a few miles to rise up out of the river valley to watch the world wake up below us. We saw mice scampering to shelter us we thumped past, parakeets ( yes we have then in Southern England now) swarm and dive, screaming on the wing....and in 2 and a bit hours running saw only 2 other people.


    A great 2 hours...;and then back to family life for the rest of the day.


    How have your runs been everyone?

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