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    So I saw this in another forum (I think it might have been on the mapmyrun forum) where someone decided to track their total mileage by mapping it out on a cross country run. So here is mine - starting at my home town and just heading down the East Coast towards Florida. If I make the 1500 miles this year I should hit Miami when I am done. Here's the link. http://www.mapmyrun.com/run/united-states/ma/melrose/399828916
      very cool- I'll buy you a drink when you get here Smile Oddly enough, I want to run from Miami back to CT. I think you'll make it to the middle before I do.

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        I did that 2 years ago, I ran from my house to Salt lake city. I was supposed to meet a friend there but she never showed Cry Running in the west is booooring. I think it was July before I even got out of my state. I was pregnant, not putting in a ton of miles. Last year I was going to run from friend to friend down the east coast but I got tired of mapping.

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          Last year I ran from Juneau AK to Prudeau Bay AK and went through some really pretty countryside. What was sort of fun is that during a 2 week road trip through AK I actually ran about 40 miles along the Denali, Alaskan, and Top of the World Highway.
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