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In or Out? Extra motivator for pace bunny chasers... (Read 263 times)

    Hey, gang! For those of use who are planning to stay ahead of the pace bunny for the whole year, I thought it might be fun to have a little extra motivation. What do you think about having an "avatar jail" where a copy of people's avatars would go if they weren't keeping up with the pace bunny, and maybe an "on probation" corner if they were running the 29 miles/wk but weren't caught up to the bunny yet? I know I wouldn't want to see my little avatar in jail, and I know if it was going to be put there if I didn't get my miles in I just might be motivated enough to get outside... It's meant in the spirit of fun and motivation, but if someone doesn't want their avatar subject to "jailing" I'd need to know. Not trying to step on toes here! If you don't have an avatar, this would be a great time to get one (Options -->My Forum Preferences --> Avatar). I could just put your name in, but how boring would that be! What do you think? Please vote "In" or "Out" so I know if people would like to do this.

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      I like the idea, but I'm not really planning to do the 1500 miles...I hope to do more than 1000, but will probably fall closer to 1200 or so. I'm mainly just here for the post-race goodies and free t-shirts.... Tongue k

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        I'm out. I still haven't gotten my avatar back yet Tongue
          I'm out. I still haven't gotten my avatar back yet Tongue
          :: snort:: You worry too much.

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            What if someone got sick or injured = out for a period of time unable to run? Wouldn't that be insult to injury? Ewa
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              I'm out. I cannot let my daughter go to jail when her mum is lazy ... Wink But seriously: I think who wants to run 1500 miles in a year should be motivated enough - in this category we're not talking about motivating somebody to keep on running, right? I tried already last year to meet this goal and I failed due to higher priority issues that had nothing to do with motivation: Illness, family and work ... Health, my family, and my job ( in some cases) will have higher priority for me also in the future. Also, in the last two years I have seen so many cases of too much motivation leading to injuries or having bad consequences in case of restarting too early after an illness or an injury ... And certainly I will not run constantly about 30 miles/week, but my training will be structured depending on the timescale and the types of the races I plan. So it's just not the right thing for me - maybe others would feel motivated and have fun with it ...

              ... keep on running ... ... and ciao, ciao Regina

                With no further votes, the idea is ... OUT! Thanks for the feedback!

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