1500 Miles So Go Run


2016 Names + New Admin (Read 34 times)


    I am going to be leaving the group in the next few days. There are quite a few folks with admin privs who can update the list as people make the 1500 mark. The listing of those who pass the bunny at the top of the YTD Distance page is manual entry. The list below that showing each listed runner is automagically created. If no one takes the admin role, you can still beat the bunny. The list at the top just will not be updated.



    Here are the folks who made it in 2016!



    1500 Miles in 2016
    1. AamosY
    2. Lifesabeach
    3. mrcrumpton
    4. Gopher Snail
    5. HailBallz
    6. runnerDK
    7. robin from maine
    8. Krash Man
    9. xhristopher
    10. jOey stoltz
    11. Linda6897
    12. unbridled
    13. npaden
    14. AnneCA
    15. Worsel
    16. jebl00
    17. extendedsolo
    18. keeponrunning
    19. Phidippides
    20. hsemerson
    21. predawnrunner
    22. wildchild
    23. Jlynne
    24. AXes
    25. millertime1980
    26. Jlynne
    27. ultracassie
    28. jclouse


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      Hey Ultracassie.


      Just saw this. I can help keep the doors open for a bit.


      Good luck.

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      All business

        I'm going to try to remember to help tackle the admin side of it this year.

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