1500 Miles So Go Run


Thanks to Aaron (Read 239 times)

    Thanks to Aaron for putting up the new mileage chart, but I notice that the "Difference" column calculation seems to be off and the last few people that are highlighted in green actually fall below the bunny. I do love the color gradients though - the farther ahead you are, the darker the green. Cool
      Jeff, Where is this mileage chart ????? Jason
        Where is this mileage chart ?????
        Click on "Home" for this group--over on the left side of the screen below the 1500 Miles of [whatever it's called today] and there's a link above the picture of Elmer Fudd hunting the wabbit Or you can click on or go to this address: http://www.knurdle.com/runningahead_groups/


          Apparently I'm an idiot!
            Apparently I'm an idiot!
            Did you figure it out yet? Confused There really are a lot of features, so it can be confusing.