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2013 Goals (Read 112 times)


    Post em if you got em.


    My goals (to be updated soon because i havent' honestly thought them all through)


    Running Related

    • Heal up (abdominal strain from Fall soccer and now some knee pain)
    • 2,000 miles
    • 5K PR (sub 18:52)
    • Marathon PR (sub 3:36:52)   Scrapping the marathon this year I think unless things heal up fast, too many injuries that I'm worried about so i dont think I'll be able to put in the base mileage I want to.

    Non-running Related

    • Be more positive about things.  I found last year I was whining a lot and that needs to stop.
    • Write another book
    • Get more fit - would like to see my abs by my birthday (July 2nd)
    • Eat Better - not going fully Paleo, but eating more veggies and fruits and less crap from the vending machine (this should help me achieve previous goal)
    • Weight training of some sort 3 days/week

    I may come up with more later but that should get me going.


    Best of luck and Happy New Year to everyone.


    Check out the new avatar - sometimes we all need a good kick in the ass to get us going.




    Consistently Slow

      1500 miles

      100+ miles each month( 5 months last year < 100)

      No more than 12 M / U (16 in 2012)Injure keep me on the sidelines.

      Strength training 3 times a week

      Run until the trail runs out.

       SCHEDULE 2016--

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        My 2013 goals are pretty much shown on my signature but I'll repeat them here.


        #1 is my first Marathon coming up on May 5, 2013.  For sure want to go sub 4 hours, currently training and shooting for somewhere around 3:50.  It's a little bit of a hilly course and weather may end up being a factor so I'm thinking that if I'm trained to run 3:50 in ideal conditions that I will still be able to go sub 4 hours if things don't turn out perfect.


        #2 is to run my age in a 10K.  I'll turn 45 this year and think that a sub 45 10K is a possibility, but it's going to be a strech. That's a 7:15 pace which I almost pulled off on my PR 5K this fall (7:18 pace), just need to be able to keep that pace going for twice as long now!


        #3 is to run 1,500 miles of course!  I also want to run 100+ miles each month as well.  I barely eeked out 100 in December after taking some time off of running during a ski vacation and getting sick over Christmas and with 100.3 miles, but that kept my streak of 100+ mile months going at 10 months straight.  I'd like to keep that streak going for a long time.

        Age: 50 Weight: 224 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

        Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


          Goals for 2013:

          Run every day Monday through Saturday, every week.

          Run the Pony Express Route. I'm somewhere in Kansas right now.

          Run (race?) 5 half marathons and 4 10Ks.

          Stay injury free.

          Enjoy it, all of it.

          Larry T

          Lean Running Machine

            Goals for 2013:

            Keep my Running Streak going.

            Run my first marathon since 2000. Signed up for the Memorial Day Marahon since it is close but could be tough since I heard it is hilly.

            Stay injury free.

            Enjoy it, the most important goal.

            "If you never have a 'bad' day, you're probably doing something wrong; if you never have a 'good' day, you're definitely doing something wrong."

            Alberto Salazar


              Goals for 2013:


              lose weight

              set new PRs in marathon, half marathon, 1 mile distances

              up my mileage and keep it up consistently

              Have lots of fun.


              Runners run

                I just can't seem to come up with any goals for this year! Ilene's are good so maybe I'll just steal hers.


                  I'll share.  Smile


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