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    I have been busily updating the YTD finishers list as people pass the 1500 mile mark in recent weeks after we were all made Admins and just wanted to remind people that it is not an automatic thing that happens once the finish line is passed.

    Whilst happy to do this I just want to highlight that other people may have to update it also and if individual members who are about to cross over the line and are not happy with coding HTML that they email a volunteer to get the list updated.

    Happy running peeps.

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      I'm clear on the writing html part, but how do I then remove the runner from the list of runners heading to the finish line?  E.g. Jerry- and htkf are still listed as 1 and 2.  Or is that part automatic?

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        It appears the Race Bunny list updates automatically, I assume mine hasn't dropped off as I haven't done sufficient 1500+ miles yet....my excuse is I am tapering

        A runners blog-updated daily