1500 Miles So Go Run


In 3.....2.......1.......... (Read 60 times)


    Hello everybody!  3 more days until the bunny begins again. We have quite a few folks that are really close to beating that bunny.  Go get that wabbit! Congrats to those who have already given that bunny a smack down. If you should have made the list, but I managed to miss including you, please send a message my way.


    2013 offers another year to to get that bunny whether or not you did in 2012. That which has yet to be lived is a new slate.This is a chance to redefine where you are going and what you want do with running as well as life. If you haven't started thinking about your bunny beating strategy for the new year, now might be a good time. Smile  Also of note is that Eric has added the ability to have a goals widget on your main page where you can put your yearly mileage goal up, and it can help you keep track of daily mileage you need to achieve it.


    So let's hear it! What plans have you made for 2013? Any key races you are looking forward to running? Any goals?


    Happy New Year!

    Live the Adventure. Enjoy the Journey. Be Kind. Have Faith!