1500 Miles So Go Run


August Goals - Let's hear 'em (Read 918 times)

    I think my goals are now going to be for my leg to be improving and to get some runs in if I can be able to walk without pain (not happening at the moment).  It's been thoroughly miserable the last couple of days, and whatever is up with it keeps moving. Running hasn't made it obviously worse, but it also hasn't made it better.  I've got a cold now too, so am using that to help justify a few days off in the hope my leg will heal up.  Damn stairs, damn awkward falls.


    Well I'm not going to meet my original goals, and I'm still not uninjured, I'm just differently injured Wink   Running is helping rather than harming, so I'm content with that, but running fast or long is too painful, so I've been avoiding too much.


    No long runs >16 miles, no tempo sessions and mileage not >170.  However I should be in the 160s mileage wise which is okay considering I had a 10 mile week in there.


    Ah well, maybe I'll be healed by the start of October.

     "Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.  Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.  Just walk beside me and be my friend."

      Okay, I'm going ambitious here this month.


      • 218.2 Miles - This is what I need to hit the 1500 miles for the year - gonna try to finish this goal off in August
      • At least one swim workout each week - maybe not long ones, but at least something
      • At least one hill or speed workout per week
      • At least two 13+ mile runs each week, one long on weekend and one mid-week
      • Eat better - been doing fine at work, but completely chowing down at night  when I get home
      • Per the last goal, I'd like to drop a few pounds - I hit my heaviest weight ever last month and I didnt like it

      Okay, thats what I got this month, now let's get to it.


      Lets recap how the month went


      Miles - 218.3 - good considering I had a few days off with a pulled calf muscle - COMPLETED

      A couple small swim workouts but nothing like I had planned - FAILED

      On average i got enough hill/speed workouts in - good enough - COMPLETED

      Did 10 13+ mile runs in August - COMPLETED

      Did NOT eat better - FAILED

      Did NOT drop any weight - though i did find out that my scale at home is 2.5 pounds too heavy, so that's something.- FAILED


      So, for August I was batting about 500 on my goals, I'll take that.


      On to September...

      I fly.

        My legs are super sore right now, so I don't know what I'm thinking, BUT I'd like August to be even more hardcore...

        • 250 miles (why not aim high?)
        • 2 speed workouts
        • 2 hill workouts


        This month stank.


        My modified goal was 200 miles, which I got, barely.

        Otherwise I just plain old failed.

        Bring it on.

          1. Stay healthy as I enter the last 7 weeks of my marathon program

          2. Get up to 20 miles on the long run

          3. Manage to get 40+ miles per week through a tough travelling month (3 trips - 20 days)


          1. Still no major health issues

          2. Did 18, 19, and finally 20 mile long run!

          3. Couldn't get the 40+ miles with all the travel but average in the upper 30's per week.


          Pretty successful month.  Bring on September

          2016 Goals

          2000 miles

          Get ready for my 2nd Boston Marathon

          No race goals, just stay healthy and work on flexibility and strength. 


            • 190 miles
            • lose 8 lbs
            • hill repeats and striders - weekly
            • double 2 days a week


            I'm actually cutting my mileage a bit, while adding doubles; it may seem counter intuitive...but I'm working on more quality work this month than quantity, and the double days are actually just a short, easy recovery run to support the workouts


            MTA:  Also, if I cut August a bit...I'll turn over 1500 during a half marathon on the 3rd of Sept...I like pulling stunts like that. Smile

             Failed them all!!!  Big grin


            I forced some R&R...actually, I think it was just what I needed.  I was getting a little burned out and needed a reset before the fall season begins.

              180+ miles

              Continue to be consistent

              --possibly get back to losing the last 10 lbs, I keep wavering on this one...


              185.5 miles for me in august

              Currently have a 59 day streak so I kept the consistency up too

              No go on working on the fat, I may have even gained a pound or two

              an amazing likeness

                1. 200 miles

                2. Fridays off

                3. Two quality runs per week

                4. Find what it takes to have a few pain free runs

                5. Run a race just for the fun of the event


                Geez, the calendar rolls around another day of reckoning...uggh.


                #1 -- Yep, 224.9 miles

                #2 -- Yep, except for one week when I needed to trade a Monday for Friday. 

                #3 -- Yep, was more regular mixing in mid-week long and another day with either hills, tempo and intervals.


                On the other hand...


                #4 -- Nope, if anything I'm having more problems with knees and ankles and have lost feeling in two toes on left foot....need to figure this out soon.

                #5 -- Nope, had one lined up to run with a nephew but it was cancelled when hurricane Irene blew through.

                I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

                Arrogant Bastard....Ale

                  240 miles

                   Only 213 miles this month.  3rd times a charm hopefully in September.


                    195 miles

                    heal from this PF

                    heal this swollen knee

                    heal this blister on my foot

                    lose weight

                    survive Bulldog race



                    187.6 miles

                    PF milder than it was

                    knee still swollen, waiting for x-ray results

                    blister all healed!  Smile

                    weight down one pound  Roll eyes 

                    survived Bulldog (barely)




                    Running is stupid

                      • 276
                      • Hill repeats - borrowing idea from Knifey
                      • Improve nutrition - Trying again from July fail


                      • 263 - I'll take it.
                      • One hill repeat session - FAIL
                      • Nutrition was terrible first two weeks.  Better last two weeks.  Still needs work.


                      Do you know the feeling I know? When your legs have disappeared, and there is only your heart, your lungs, and your eyes skimming disembodied through the air? - Jeff