1500 Miles So Go Run


June Goals! (Read 402 times)


    Not bad, Jeff  Smile


    Runners run

      Another month done.


      No races this month.  No real goals other than to build a base and wouldn't you know it .... Not only will I have run the most monthly miles ever (227 after tomorrow's long run), but I had alot of fun doing it.  Quite a few trail runs and some new scenery made June a fun month to run without any pressure!


      More of the same for July (although there is an 8k race).

      2018 Goals

      Figure out the achilles thing...... and THEN try to get running regularly again.

      No racing goals 


        Forgive me 1500 mile group for I have sinned, it has been months since I've posted goals - but I've paid, I've gotten fat and slow!!!  




        June goals, not be fat and slow anymore! 

        And run 200 miles.  For once this year.  

        And for goodness sake stick to a training plan for once in my damn life.  Sheesh! 


        Happy running!

         OK, I'm still fat and slow...but less fat, I lost 9lbs this month!  Want to drop another 7 or so.

        Ran 183 - I'm pleased since that is what my schedule called for and I stuck to my schedule!


        June was a win for me.

          Double win in June!


          First 50 miler: completed.  Elevation profile = MY LIFE IS PAIN.


          Broke 1,500, too.  Woot.  I am now going to suffer and sleep :-D.


          Congrats to knifey (nine pounds in a months is a freaking ton).


          Way to rock it, Rick_Stone!


          How'd everyone else's goals go?

          "When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either. Then willpower will be no problem." 
          Emil Zatopek


            Last month was kind of a cut back month as I prepared for a 5K on the 30th, so now I'd like to get a few months of decent mileage in before the Fall and maybe some longer races.


            Not sure if I can get there but I'd like to get 200 miles in this month. 

            Crossfit 3x per week (got a groupon for 15 visits so thought i'd try to get in shape for my July cruise)


            That is all.





            Okay, I didnt make either goal - got to 186 miles for the month, which was my second highest mileage month this year.  i didnt get to crossfit 3x a week but did get there 2x a week, or at least got their workout in twice a week if i missed the actual class.