1500 Miles So Go Run


Getting my butt kicked - heading to 2000 km (Read 148 times)

    Facing the facts. I'm 100 miles in the hole and I'm not doing any long races this year. After conquering the 1000 mile bunny last year, I bit off more than I can chew with this 1500 mile bunny. Black eye I decided to pledge loyalty to the evil metric system Evil grin and switch to the 2000 km club. I'll be back someday Mr 1500 mile bunny for a rematch!!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!! Steve

    2014 - Get 5k back under 20:00.  Stay healthy!

    Go Pre!

      Good Call sj, although I am in the same boat. I took most of January off to heal my knee and have come back running only 4 day weeks. I run those 4 days harder though and have added cycling. My race times are even dropping and I am feeling better than ever which is so important. I am still on page 4 but if I stay healthy and continue to train for this spring and at least one other marathon I will eventually, pass, maim, smother, render and stew this rabbit and serve it up for the holidays!

      King of Sparta

        Stewed Rabbit - Mmmmmmm, tasty! Big grin Best of luck in the 2000km group Steve. I much prefer kms to miles - they come around so much more quickly.
        2008 Goals:
        - Sub 1:00 10 mile
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