1500 Miles So Go Run


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    Hi, I'm Kenny. Salt Lake resident and owner of the Runnin' Utes social group. (thank you, please hold your aplause) Anyways, I see in your profile you are listed as a Michigan resident, However That doesn't seem to be the case. Anyways, I am 38, Utah native, been running for a year and a half. You Freakin' Rock!!!!!!!!! You beat my Canyonlands time by four minutes. So, join the Utah group and help see my vision of a local RA scene come to fruition. I am also eager to find new friends to run with. I can for sure keep up on training and pleasure runs. (We have already seen what happens in a race.) BTW AWESOME RACE IN MOAB!!!!!! Anyways, here is a link to the Runnin' Utes group (Click Here) I'll Post a thread with my Email, Hope you join us
      Kenny, thanks I just saw your post. I do live in SLC most of the time now and have really enjoyed running here. I missed the SLC Marathon and instead ran another half marathon in Washington DC with my brother and son. I had a good race there (1:28:34). I am sure that I will see you at some upcoming races. I signed up on your forum today. Lloyd