1500 Miles So Go Run

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    I'm new here, also. 1500 is a stretch for me, but why not shoot for the moon?
    that's why I'm a newbie here. 1,500 would only be possible for me if I avoid any injuries. but I had to cover my bet with the 2,000 km and 1,000 mile clubs. This one is a stretch for me. I did about 550 miles in the last half of 2008 and maybe only 250 in the first half of 2008 before I joined the site. this year I may make steps to go beyond the 5k and dabble into longer teritory with a 20k trail run and possibly a half-marathon. but those will just be long runs. I'm nowhere near in shape to compete at anything long. But I do like to hunt imaginary bunnies.

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      Hi. I just joined up. 1500 should be just doable for me. The extra boost will be really good.
      Next goal: Great Wall Marathon


        Just joined the group. I'm about 260 miles from the bunny. As I'm currently unemployed I believe that 35-40 mpw is possible, as long as I can stay injury-free and otherwise healthy. This group will give me the motivation to keep my miles at 30 when I return to the land of the employed. I'm hoping that the 35-40 weeks will make up for the low mileage of Jan-March.
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          Welcome aboard, folks, and GOOD LUCK toward the 1500 mile bunny. She is relentless.

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            Yo! I just found this...I'm shooting for a swampy 2000 this year, but It just feels nice to be ahead of the bunny in something Wink


              Kia ora everyone - new onboard and a wee bit behind the bunny. But hoping to catch him on route to doing NYC marathon in Nov.


              Anyone else in here from NZ...?


                I will not approach 1500 this year.  However, if I wait until January to join this group it will feel too much like a New Year's resolution.  Trying to avoid those! 

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                  I will not approach 1500 this year.  However, if I wait until January to join this group it will feel too much like a New Year's resolution.  Trying to avoid those! 


                  Welcome!  I hope 2010 is the year you hit 1500! Big grin

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                    I found "A Mile A Day" group to made of great people and suspect the same will be the case here.  Best wishes to everyone as you seek to leave the bunny in the dust or at least not stare at her tail!



                      I'm new to this site and to serious running in general, but have got off to a good start this year, with over 30 miles a week till now. Will probably need to figure out how to step it up a bit to compensate for possible downtime - injury, holiday, etc. Have run a few half marathons. Aim is to run at least one full this year.

                        Welcome, you should open your log up as well so we can have a laugh look

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                          Hey there...

                          Thought I would sneak in here as well...

                          Originally I thought about 1200 for the year would be a reasonable goal, but I am finding myself building mileage quicker than expected...  So I'll throw my name in here and hope that I can catch up to that bunny sometime this spring or summer...


                          Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 

                            Well, not sure I am biting off more than I can chew here, but I figured I'm feeling good and getting in the miles, maybe this is the year I can do 1500. Anyway, hello, looking forward to catching that bunny!

                            Have you qualified for Boston? I want to interview you!

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                              1500 is my target for the year. Did not know there was a group. I am neck and neck with the bunny.

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                                No way I'll get 1500 this year, but you people seem like nice folks to hang out with.  My goal for the rest of this year is to get my weekly mileage at a comfortable 25-30 and be ready to beat the bunny in 2011.

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